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Veterans Day is one of those days set apart to honor those who have served in the US Military. This day is specially dedicated to those who have served and are still with us. According to the US Census, there are about 18 million veterans, with those who have served in the Gulf Wars occupying the biggest slice at 41%. In terms of age, 37% of the veterans are 70 years old and above. The latter are mostly those who served during the Vietnam and Korean war era. Many of these veterans are entering the age bracket that would need elevated health care, such as home health services or hospice.

Fr Cesar presided at a Veteran Honors Ceremony for Mr. Eddie Hare at his residence on October 18, 2021 in the presence of his family members.

HOPE Hospice is proud to have served and provided medical care and comfort to veterans during the last leg of their lives. We at HOPE Hospice understand the particular needs of the veterans and we try to do our best to address those needs. HOPE Hospice is a partner organization with the “We Honor Our Veterans Program” (WHV) and works closely with the Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals and clinics in our area.

Part of our program at HOPE Hospice is to honor the veterans for their service while they are still able to appreciate it with a simple ceremony at the veterans home or nursing facility. Recently, we have rendered honors for one of patients, Eddie Hare, an Army veteran who served during the Vietnam era. The ceremony on October 18, 2021 consisted of the reading and presentation of a certificate of appreciation, and the presentation of a US Flag. Mr. Hare’s immediate and extended family members were present during the ceremony and the honoree expressed his appreciation for the honors. We at HOPE Hospice appreciate the service by our veterans and honor ceremonies such as this is our small way to thank them for the sacrifices they have done for our country.


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