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Thoughts on Father’s Day 

By: Amy Schubert LSW,MSW 

The first Father’s Day without Dad is the first time your special person is not there to celebrate or participate in family traditions. The anticipation of the upcoming Father’s Day holiday as well as the day itself can provoke overwhelming feelings. These can be very heavy, happy, sad, and intense. This is why it is important to decide what you will be doing on Father’s Day, even if it seems like you want to be doing nothing. Where will you be? Who will be with you? Will you visit a cemetery, gather at home, or possibly volunteer with an organization? 

Forming a plan for the holiday will help you feel prepared, and can help ease any anxiety you may experience about Father’s Day. Humans heal and thrive in community, if you can, surround yourself with people you trust. Maybe you feel more comfortable spending time with people who share in your loss. With those special people you could plan to do something meaningful like a balloon release, visit a favorite park or area that your loved one enjoyed. For some people the act of storytelling allows them to continue to keep their memories of their father alive, and can help a person to navigate their grief.

This Father’s Day keep in mind, If you didn’t have the relationship that you wanted or expected to have, give yourself grace this year and know that there are things that we just cannot change. Everyone has their own grief journey and everyone grieves differently, but sharing it with people who are caring and accepting is always better than being alone.

"Dad...Remembering you is easy, I do it every day, 

Missing you is the heartache that never goes away."  -Anonymous


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