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Happy National Social Workers Month!

By: Danielle Carranza

5 facts about social work as a conversation starter at dinner tonight!

1. Social work has been around for a very long time, the first "agency" to begin investments into what we know as social work was called Russell Sage Foundation, it was started in 1907.

2. Jane Addams was one of the first female social workers who received a Nobel Peace Prize in 1931. She has a school, Museum, and an organization ("The hull house") named after her that was in operation for 122 years until it closed in 2012. **(This all happened in Chicago)

3. Females account for around 83% of all social workers. (2020)

4. According to social work burnout statistics in 2024, the lifetime burnout rate was 79.2%; compared to Nursing which is 62% (2020).

5. Only 35% of social workers identify as "Religious" or following a specific religion.


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