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Simple Pleasures

Throughout life we pass many milestones, graduation, marriage, a job promotion, children, and maybe grandchildren. Certainly these moments stand out in our memory. But let us not forget the small fleeting moments of happiness that help us get through day to day.

This is part of "Bob's" story. Bob was admitted to hospice in August of 2016 after a series of hospitalizations. Bob and his wife knew he was to be cared for in the comfort of their home. Though they had an open-concept floor plan, allowing for easy wheelchair access, a step less than 4 inches tall outside the door made it nearly impossible for his wife to bring him outside.

Bob is not a complainer and sits quietly in his chair most of the time. His wife describes how he would often sit in front of their door and stare outside, just wishing to be in the fresh air. Due to the states budget crisis and lack of funds within local agencies, funding for ramps is limited. Bob's staff knew how important it was to him to be able to go outside. After hearing this, the receptionist took it upon herself to build the ramp, along with the help of her landlord. The nurse took the measurements at Bob's house and the ramp was built. A small 3 ft. square ramp, now allows Bob and his wife to enjoy the sun and fresh fall air.

Pictured above is Bob the day his ramp arrived. Though Bob has certainly accomplished many life milestones, he now enjoys the little things, for him today it is something as simple as the sun shining on his face, and the smell of the crisp fall air.

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