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Ignore the Myths and

Get the Facts.

Find out the true facts about Hospice below. If you have a question and would like to a hospice professional, give us a call at 847-803-0400.

Myth #1: Hospice is a place.


Fact: Hospice is a service that brings physical, emotional and spiritual care and support to wherever our patients call home. Hospice provides these services in a personal residence, nursing home, hospital or other location of choice.

Myth #2: Patients have to give up their own doctor.

Fact: Patients may keep their own physician, who will work closely with the Hospice Team to establish and carry out a comprehensive plan of care.

Myth #3: Hospice is only for cancer patients.

Fact: Hospice is not just for cancer patients. Hospice also extends care to patients suffering from congestive heart failure, dementia, chronic lung disease and other life-limiting conditions.

Myth #4: All Hospices are the same.

Fact: All Hospices are not the same. Hospices may have different levels of expertise, philosophies of care and support services. As an example, Hope Hospice was established by Hospice professionals who had an objective of improving patient care and enabling patients and families to live life each and every day to the fullest.

Myth #5: Hospice provides 24-hour service.

Fact: The Hospice Team (physicians, nurses, certified nursing assistants, social workers, chaplains and volunteers) visit patients and families based on their needs. Hospice Staff are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Family or hired caregivers stay with the patient on a full time basis.

Myth #6: Hospice care is only for the last days of life.

Fact: Unfortunately many patients wait too long. The benefits of Hospice Care have been designed around a family-centered concept of care, and serve to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual support of the patient and family.

Myth #7: Hospice is just for the patient.

Fact: Hospice care focuses on comfort, dignity and emotional support for the patient and the entire family. Quality of life for the patient and all family members is the highest priority of Hope Hospice.

Myth #8: Only a physician can refer an individual to a Hospice Program.

Fact: Anyone can call Hospice to make a referral. The Hospice will then contact the primary physician to certify that Hospice Care is appropriate for the patient.

Myth #9: Hospice is for when there is no hope.

Fact: Hospice is about living life to its fullest, even in the event of a life-limiting illness. At Hope Hospice this is accomplished by establishing a family centered program of care that provides physical comfort and emotional support to the patient and family. Improving quality of life and making each and every day count.

Myth #10: Once you enter Hospice there is no getting out of it.

Fact: Some patients see their condition improve to the point where they may opt to leave the Hospice Program. They may also be re-admitted at a later date if and when necessary. There is always freedom of choice for the patient and family.

Myth #11: Families have to pay for Hospice Care.

Fact: Hospice Care is a Medicare benefit and is also covered by most Medicaid and private insurances. Also, The Hope Hospice accepts donations so that all persons needing Hospice Care will benefit regardless of their ability to pay.

Myth #12: Bereavement is only offered to families of Hospice patients.

Fact: Hope Hospice not only provides bereavement support to the families of our patients, but we also extend our bereavement support and services to anyone in the community that has suffered a loss and would benefit from our support.

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