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Hospice Patients & the COVID-19 Vaccine

It has been one year since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and with the vaccine finally accessible to the public, the end might just be in sight. The question now is if you or your loved ones should receive or decline the vaccine. Ultimately, it is up to the individual, but those who are terminally ill should especially take into consideration the reasons for either option.

Those 65 years old and older were some of the very first groups eligible to receive the vaccine. So, if you want to receive the vaccine now, you are able to do so. The CDC recognizes that the risk for severe illness with Covid-19 increases with age and underlying medical conditions, which is why older age groups are being prioritized in the vaccine distribution. Both Covid-19 and the vaccine are still new, so it is only natural to have questions.

Your doctor is a great resource for when you are making this important decision. Since each medical situation is unique, your doctor can go over the benefits and risks of receiving the vaccine catered to you. The CDC website is also another resource you and your loved ones can look to in order to better inform yourselves on the information they have on the vaccine.

Below is a link to the CDC website for frequently asked questions about the vaccine:

Whether you choose to receive the vaccine or not, it is important to continue practicing safety measures until the pandemic is over. There is still a lot we do not know about Covid-19 so following protocols suggested by healthcare professionals is the best way to protect yourselves.


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