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A Big Thank You...

(Meghan: pictured fourth from the left in photo)

Hope would like to express thanks to our MSW Intern, Meghan. We are grateful not only to have found an excellent student, but a great person. Meghan's warm demeanor was evident from her very first day. It undoubtedly helped her patients feel comfortable.

We are especially thankful for Meghan's contributions to our virtual reality program. She organized the first patient experience with the equipment and it was a success!

From the get-go she has been a self-starter and done her very best. For our patients and their families, she has been a listening ear, an assuring voice in times of doubt, and an advocate for their best wishes.

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

We are confident you will find success in all you do.

With best wishes,

Your Hope Palliative and Hospice Care Team

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