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What Defines a Good End?

"My family knows what I want."

"I want to die at home."

"I want to be without pain."

As a hospice social worker, I hear these comments time and time again. But what do they really mean? If these are our wishes, how do we ensure they are honored?

How will you stay at home? What does staying at home look like? What does it involve? How much will it cost?

In her Ted Talk, Judy MacDonald Johnston, shares the journey of a couple she worked with who decided they would stay at home. Judy provides practical advice for those considering staying at home for their last days.

Our mortality is often a taboo topic. Not talking about it doesn't prevent death from happening, but it does make it difficult to honor our wishes. Letting our wishes be known to our loved ones may free them from the stress or guilt associated with not knowing. Would my mother want this? What if this isn't what she would want? How many times has everyone within your family agreed upon everything?

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