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A Memorial Tree

Planting a tree for a deceased loved one can help with the mourning process. All the aspects of the project can motivate you physically and mentally. Moreover, instead of being sad, you might be more inclined to think about your loved one in a happier light and how much they would enjoy what you are doing for them. In fact, Investigating the many different kinds of trees, their meanings, and individual characteristics, and likening them to the deceased, could possibly offset your sense of loss by the deeper understanding you gain of the person whom you are mourning. Additionally, talking to gardeners and related sales people about how and where to plant the tree is a learning expereince and reminds one that life goes on. Tree planting will get your juices flowing! It requires working with your hands in the soil, with the added benefit of creating something beautiful for someone you love. In conclusion, watching a memorial tree grow season after season, year after year, gives rise to good feelings about your loved one and hope for the future.

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