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All Saints Sunday

The Sunday closest to October 31st of each year is called All Saints Sunday. This year, All Saints Sunday is on November 6th. On this Sunday, churches all around the world take time to remember all those who have passed away in the previous year. Many churches also allow the names of loved ones who died more than a year ago to be submitted, but only the names of those who passed in the last year are read out loud. When each name is read, some churches ring a bell or a chime, others light a candle, and still others might uncover a picture of the person whose name was just read. Whatever the case, these religious rituals can be healing and comforting for those who take part in them. In my experience, people want to remember those they have lost for months, even years, after the person has been buried. Our society is such that people stop talking about death so that they “do not dredge up” sad feelings for the person who experienced a loss. But oftentimes, people still want to talk ; they still want to remember the person who has passed. One way to do that is to take part in religious rituals such as All Saints Sunday, even if you don’t belong to a particular church. Pastors, Rabbis, Priests, Imams, Stephen Ministers, and other religious leaders are trained in pastoral care and counseling to help those experiencing loss. These services are always free. So, if it helps, take part in a religious ritual or talk with a church leader. It may be the very thing you need!

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