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National Heart Month

When you think of the month of February, the first thought that usually comes to mind is Valentine’s Day. A day to celebrate loved ones with chocolates and flowers and everywhere you look, you see hearts. It is only fitting that February happens to also be National Heart Month. As it comes to a close, what better way to prepare for next year's festivities than by making your heart stronger and healthier.

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in America. Although this statistic is scary, there are numerous ways to live a healthier heart lifestyle.

1. Create a good relationship with food.

The word diet can be discouraging but by creating a balance with what you eat, it can go a long way in helping your health be healthy. For example, reducing sodium can help alleviate the strain that the excess fluid build-up in your body puts on your heart and blood vessels. Salt is definitely something to watch out for and should be consumed in moderation. Along with reducing sodium intake, you can increase fruits, vegetables, and lean meats on your plate to help your heart be the strongest it can be.

2. No smoking.

Not only is smoking bad for your lungs, but it’s bad for your heart as well. Smoking puts you at a high risk of heart disease. A conversation with your doctor about ways to quit smoking will be beneficial for your heart and overall health in the long run.

3. Get moving.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a daunting task on your to-do list. It can be as quick and simple as a 30 minute brisk walk around the neighborhood. Your heart is just like any other muscle in your body, in order for it to get stronger, you have to train it. Exercise significantly decreases and reduces your risk of heart disease. There are a lot of different and fun ways to exercise, the goal is just to get your blood pumping.

For more information and ways to live a healthy heart lifestyle, visit or talk to your doctor.

We here at Hope Hospice hope you have a good heart month.


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