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Hope Welcomes New Nurse Damario

Hope Hospice is excited to welcome our newest team member, Damario Burnside. Damario, a native of the Rockford area, has many reasons he chose hospice:

Hospice means many things to many people, but one truth that cannot be denied is that goodbye is imminent. I chose to be a hospice nurse because I know that goodbye is never easy and I’m not sure we are ever completely ready to say goodbye. I have been through many situations where I have had to say goodbye; but the one that is closest to my heart is my grandmother. I can remember how important family was to her and how much having someone there with her in the last days eased her pain. Hospice is just that to me. The opportunity to honor the wishes of your loved one, to be a support system for your loved one and the family, making the transition a little less painful.

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