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Hospice Chaplain Consecrated as Minister of Word and Service

Hope Hospice congratulates Chaplain Steven Dickens on his consecration as a Diaconal Minister, to the Ministry of Word and Service. So what does it mean to be consecrated as a Diaconal Minister? Being consecrated means to be set apart for ministry in the greater church. Ministry of Word and Service refers to leaders of the ELCA who work at the intersection of church and the world. They represent the church in settings and positions other than the traditional role of pastor. As the Hope Hospice chaplain and bereavement coordinator, Steven works side by side with patients and families as they confront their fears and concerns about the afterlife, discussing things with them such as forgiveness and working with them through their grief. Congratulations on your achievements, Steven! We are thankful to call you a member of our team here at Hope. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our patients each and every day.

Pictured here is Steven with Bishop Miller of the Metropolitan Chicago Synod.

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